“We build high-quality glasshouses. With your wishes as a starting point, our professional team tackles all aspects of construction in a professional manner for you!”

Jeroen Smiemans, director Smiemans Projecten

Special glass constructions

A high-quality and sustainable glass structure to give your business the right appearance.

Custom-built constructions for profit and non-profit purposes: from exhibition space, hospitality to retail or healthcare... Structures that people talk about and would like to come back to. Where your brand fully stands out in a distinctive and sustainable way.

If you choose Smiemans Projecten, you choose quality and innovative (greenhouse) constructions.

Perfect climate with feeling of being outside

Choose for our affordable and sustainable glasshouses

The inside-outside sensation of a glass construction in combination with the many design options and a perfectly regulated climate makes them suitable for many purposes. If you are also looking for a creative and affordable solution for a public area - choose the sustainable, efficient and fast construction of a glasshouse.

Also want to be in the top of sustainability?

Glas constructie atrium VB

Publicly accessible constructions

Glasshouses that strengthen the value of your brand or product

Want to realize a publicly accessible building to attract large groups of people, consumers or visitors? Whether it is a visitor centre for the World Expo, Keukenhof, Floriade or a meeting centre in a 25,000 m² park; we design and develop distinctive glass constructions for every application where light, heat, sound and design can be properly regulated.

FLORIADE solar panels zonnepanelen

Glass structures in the care sector

Increase the quality of care; daylight is healthy!

Are you looking for a high-quality glass-aluminum construction for the care sector? We are experts in accessibility, climate and deliver customized glasshouses that are functionally and aesthetically distinctive. Glass constructions have been designed and realized to 100% satisfaction for various healthcare institutions, such as a day-care centre and an activity centre.

BEO 02

The many advantages of a glass construction:

A glass building ...

  1. minimizes transfer of virusus, like Covid-19, through the natural ventilation
  2. has a minimal ecological footprint;
  3. has the perfect price-quality ratio due to the strong materials that require almost no maintenance;
  4. provides controlled daylight, which has a positive effect on human and animal health.
World Horti Center glass construction interior

Royal Projects

Many of our projects have been opened by a member of the Royal Family, something we are very proud of. Already in 1996 Queen Beatrix opened the Prince Willem Alexander Pavilion in the Keukenhof. A lot of projects have been added over the years. Such as King Willem Alexander who opened the new theme park Wildlands, Adventure Zoo Emmen in March 2016. In 2018 the innovation center of the international horticulture sector which was opened by none other than our Queen Máxima. Also internationally, curious which ones?

Opening Maxima

Our recent projects

Take a look at our realized projects:

KP Holland (NL)

Planon Innovation campus (NL)

Atrium VB (NL)

Kipster farm

World Horti Center (NL)

Avoca Shopping Center (IE)

Jardin d'Hiverre (NL)

World Expo Milan (IT)

Looking for advice for your glass construction?

Call in our specialists for smart advice and innovative solutions.


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