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Optimal climate control

As a "Knowledge Based Builder" we know how to respond to the problems of climate changes such as a heat wave or heavy rainfall. With half a century of knowledge and many high-profile projects, we offer future-proof solutions for controlling the indoor climate in an energy-efficient manner.

Tailor-made solutions

How do you deal with problems of climate changes such as a heat wave, extreme cold or drought? By looking at the functions of the different zones, we coordinate the climate applications of those zones in groups and ideally. This way you optimize the performance of the building as a whole.


Botanical garden in the desert of Kuwait

With the botanical garden in Kuwait we realized perhaps the most appealing example. There is a pleasant European climate inside, while outside the mercury can rise to 50/60 degrees. Plants from all over the world grow and flower in the enormous 3,500 m2 botanical glasshouse with 6 different gardens and 4 different climate zones.

Bayan Palace Amiri Botanical Garden 4

Successful techniques and materials

In other projects, successful experiences have been gained with technologies such as heat and cold storage, heat pumps, solar panels and extensive insulating materials. In the event of overcapacity in its own energy supply, the garden centre can even function as a power plant that supplies electricity back to the grid!

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