Activity centre, BEO tuin (NL)

beo zorg glasconstructie recreatie

Day care glasshouse with experience gardens

Place Nootdorp, the Netherlands
Realisation 2002
Surface 750 m2
Type HighLight
Design EdenParks
Purpose Meeting building, activity greenhouse, sensory activation space

Beautiful glasshouse to interact with experience gardens

Craeyenburch in Ypenburgh is een township where mentally challenged people live. For them to socially interact, meet and perform sensorimotor stimulation activities, we built a glasshouse and gardens. The building opens towards the gardens and the sun. The feel is very spacious and comfortable, very appropriate for day care activities.

Meeting, experience, sensory stimulation and education

Aspects of 'building sustainable', the environmentally friendly and longlasting way of constructing are integrated in the plan by means of energy reduction, materialisation and use of passive solar energy.


Our projects are the proof

Unlimited possibilities

With half a century of knowledge and experience we have realized glass constructions for various care institutions to 100% satisfaction, such as a day-spending room and an activity centre. Unique buildings with different zones (catering, sanitary facilities, etc.) where we can reduce energy consumption. All projects with controlled daylight and optimum climate control. The additional benefits of fast construction and low (maintenance) costs are important extras. For more information click here

Care glassconstruction

"It is scientifically proven that glass constructions create a pleasant and healthy environment: light, air and being busy with green contribute positively to mental and physical health"


Jeroen Smiemans, director Smiemans Projecten

Looking for an affordable and healthy building?

Advantages of a glass construction for care:

  • A glass construction is sustainable and affordable;
  • Daylight is healthy, the outside feeling, but then inside;
  • The glass construction can be realized quickly and has low maintenance costs;
  • The glasshouse is easily adaptable and can even be placed at a different location.


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