Climate-proof office of VB receives GPR Certificate

VB glass construction Smiemans atrium innovation

On the first working day for VB the GPR certificate was awarded after an extensive assessment by consultancy bureau M3E. With extremely high scores (between 7.9 and 8.8), the sustainability of this property ranks among the top in the Netherlands.

The SP Small Span construction from Smiemans is ideal for creating a pleasant indoor climate. The building is energy efficient due to the insulated profiles and the triple glass. The beautiful building is located on the busy traffic square Westerlee (A20), but little is noticeable inside because the glass has better soundproofing. In winter people experience less cold, which in turn gives more comfort.

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The roof of the industrial hall is equipped with 390 solar panels that together can generate 110,000 KWh of electricity. In addition, the building has been constructed without a natural gas connection and is already connected to the geothermal network for the future. In other words: a sustainable future!