Atrium VB (NL)

VB glass construction Smiemans

Glass atrium for new sustainable office VB

Place Naaldwijk, NL
Realisation 2019/2020
Surface 970 m2
Type High-quality insulated roof construction
Purpose relaxation-, presentation- and conference room

Glass connection between office and company hall

Smiemans Projecten is building an 11-meter-high glass construction around VB's new office building in Naaldwijk. This atrium connects the office with the company hall and offers space for relaxation and meetings. The glass construction also gives the appropriate appearance to the new office building that belongs to Westland and to the greenhouse construction projects that the VB group is realizing worldwide.

Optimal climate

By making use of high-quality insulated profiles in the roof of the glass construction and high-quality insulating glass, the climate inside can be optimally regulated. In addition, the movable sunscreen controls the sun's radiation and the natural ventilation is perfectly matched to this.

IMG 0877

Sustainability and innovation

The new building will be visible on the extension of the A20 towards Rotterdam and Naaldwijk. VB therefore continues to operate from the heart of global horticulture: Westland. On March 20, 2019, not the first pile was driven, but symbolically eight beautiful trees were planted that represent sustainability and innovation, two pillars of an internationally operating greenhouse construction company.

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