Day care centre Bieslandhof (NL)

Bieslandhof 01

A combination of care, reside and gardening

Location Delft, the Netherlands
Construction 2008
Surface 129 m2
Design ONS Architecten
Purpose day care activities, gardening, recreation

Curved glasshouse construction for daycare

The greenhouse extension at the Bieslandhof nursing home in Delft - part of the Pieter van Foreest Foundation - is suitable for a variety of day activities for seniors. The use of elements from the HighLight system created an elegant combination that the residents greatly appreciate.

“A natural environment has a positive impact on human health. Nature lowers stress, increases resilience and gives peace. "

Erasmus {Quote Roger S. Ulrich, professor at the Centre for Health Systems and Design, Texas University

looking for an affordable and healthy building?

Advantages of a glass construction for care:

  • A glass construction is sustainable and affordable;
  • Daylight is healthy, the outside feeling, but then inside;
  • The glass construction can be realized quickly and has low maintenance costs;
  • The glasshouse is easily adaptable and can even be placed at a different location.

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