Avoca Shopping Center (IE)

Avoca outside

Transformation of a traditional garden centre into an inspiring shopping environment

Place Dunboyne, Ireland
Realisation 2017
Surface 780 m2
Design Smiemans Projecten
Type Venlo & wide span
Purpose Leisure centre

Optimized shopping environment

The construction which we realised in 2003 and which had the purpose of a traditional garden centre, will now be transformed into one of the 100 most inspirational stores in the world. The roof will be replaced into a more solid environment with a much better insulation. Hereby the well-known Avoca will have an optimized shopping environment. The constructions of Smiemans are very flexible and can easily be adjusted to meet the latest technical needs.

Circular economy

This is an example of reusability - circular economy. This is an important development. Our project for The World Expo in Milan also received a different destination. This way we build glass greenhouse structures with a minimal ecological footprint.

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