Restaurant in rooftop glasshouse (NL)

Noordkade Veghel

Construction of rooftop glasshouse for restaurant

The CHV Noordkade in Veghel, an old factory site dating from 1915, has for some time been transformed into a bustling hotspot where art, culture, food and leisure form a vibrant whole. At this multifunctional location, a roof greenhouse is being built by Smiemans Projecten on the roof of one of the existing buildings. This well-insulated roof greenhouse, which will house a restaurant with stunning views, will be connected by a footbridge to an adjacent building. Realisation will take place in early 2024, so that the restaurant can open its doors in spring 2024.

SP Small Span for zero-energy building

This transparent zero-energy building will be built with Smiemans' SP Small Span. This durable, well-insulated system with thermally broken profiles will be combined with special laminated glass with a solar control coating. The result is maximum transparency and a controllable, comfortable indoor climate.

Dakfoto Noordkade Veghel

The top of sustainability

The SP Small Span system was also used for the atrium of the VB office, which was awarded a GPR certificate with extremely high scores. This makes the sustainability of this project one of the best in the Netherlands. For more information about this project - please click here

VB glass construction Smiemans atrium energyneutral

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