Kipster (NL)

Drone Kipster Beuningen

Successful Kipster commissioned us to build another location

The two most animal, human and environmentally friendly farms for laying hens in the world were built by us

  First location
Second location
Place Venray Beuningen
Realisation 2017 2019
Surface 3,120 m2 3,450 m2
Architect V-Snaarprojecten  
Purpose Most modern farm for laying hens in the world  

Revolutionary farmhouse

At the end of 2017, the most animal, human and environmentally friendly farm for laying hens in the world was opened. Since then, the first Kipster farm has won many national and international prizes. Due to the success, a new location has been built, this time in Beuningen (NL). 

Kipster is the initiative of four experienced entrepreneurs, each with their own specialty. Thanks to innovative solutions Kipster is the most friendliest farm for animals, humans and the environment in the world. The four entrepreneurs have the ambition to conquer the world with this innovative concept. All white eggs, which are better for the environment, are purchased by Lidl and Albron, who also sell their meat.

Some innovations are:

  • Imitation natural habitat
  • 1,078 solar panels
  • A center for education and information for visitors
  • No intermediary trade
  • Low CO2 Footprint

The festive opening of the first location was in September 2017. Since then Kipster has received a lot of attention and won important international prizes. Smiemans Projecten also built a second location for Kipster in Beuningen, Gelderland.

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