”We do more than designing and building your garden centre, we take care of everything!”

Ferry Breugem - sales manager

Custom made, effective and stylish design

Are you looking for a different model or shape? Then you have come to the right place!

We work together with renowned architects and can also design your glass construction exclusively from the drawing table. Our customers often opt for a customized design, developed on the basis of the classic shape using standard (structural) elements. This allows us to produce a transparent functional building that is both unique, affordable and quick to build.

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Special designs

With a design that is not based on the classic constructions, like Venlo and widespan, the possibilities are endless. We have a lot of experience with designing facades, custom wall finishes, half-timbered beams, roof slopes, bend sections - from igloo to pyramid! Our work is always guided and influenced by our considerable experience and our specialist knowledge, to insure the quality of the design, excellent service and guarantees. We build what we are good at, which means that you will always get the maximum benefit from our expertise for your project.

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To achieve a comprehensive design, we propose to follow the next steps:

STEP 1 – Brainstorm Sessions

Discussion/conversations about your ideas, requirements and wishes that are translated into possible project development.
We then fine-tune and evaluate the information received, after which we will propose a development plan for the site, based on receiving digital site location information and/or map.

STEP 2 – Sketch design

With this information package we translate the wishes into a concept advice and design proposal.

STEP 3 – Preliminary design

The preliminary design of the building is ready for presentation to local planners and/or the government.

STEP 4 – Final design

Complete development (according to local requirements).

STEP 5 – After approval of the building

After building permission, we can carry out the construction work in accordance with the agreed project time schedule, description and final project price.

Appearance of your glasshouse

The shape is just one aspect that defines the appearance of a glasshouse. Other aspects are: use of blinds and screens, solid panels, roofing tiles, coatings and material finishes, types of glass and the level of reflection. The combined effect of these has a huge impact on the appearance of the glasshouse.

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Designs to exceed your expectations

From design sketches to detailed construction drawings and from optimal routing to instore department plan, you can come to us for advice, to discuss options or make concrete proposals. Our down-to-earth and pragmatic approach is entirely focused on finding solutions that exceed our clients' expectations.

Developing and designing a glass structure means making careful considerations. The goal is to achieve the optimal combination of looks and performance, routing, efficiency and durability. At Smiemans, you are guaranteed an original and smart design because our solutions and technologies are aimed at a long life with long maintenance intervals.

Design Plan

Interested in our functional and innovative designs?

We like to help you:

  • Clear advice about innovations and possibilities
  • Guidance on all facets from start to finish
  • Always the latest technologies and systems
  • Insured for service and warranty

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