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Our modern, independent and family-owned company, with our roots in the development of greenhouses, realizes all types of commercial glass constructions, like futureproof and tailor-made garden centres and botanical glasshouses. Our company has been in the limelight for years, attracting customers and the media with our elegant, curved "HighLight"-glasshouse system. But apart from that, we also develop and build many other innovative systems and constructions.

Transparant buildings that enhance the value of your brand, product or project

Choosing Smiemans for engineering and building your project means choosing quality and innovative (glasshouse-)technology. Innovation is a key issue; at Smiemans, it is part of our daily work.

High-profile glass structures

High-profile projects, like Floriade, World EXPO and Keukenhof, as our forerunners in building glass constructions. This rich history ensures that with our vision and skills we realize future-proof and tailor-made greenhouses.

For many different clients we realized glass constructions for various sectors; from zoo to restaurant, from atrium for an office building to knowledge centre. Every system has its advantages; Venlo, wide span and our own 'SP small span' and "HighLight" curved constructions.

FLORIADE solar panels zonnepanelen

Tenured and expert team

Our dedicated and knowledgeable team have years of experience in the garden centre industry and are committed to helping you make your dreams come true. Whether it is a turn-key garden center, a climate-proof botanical garden or an expansion, we are ready to guide, advise and ensure that every detail is right with expertise. Your project, our expertise - together we make it happen. Want to know how we work?

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Specialized knowledge & extensive network

We have the most important expertise, such as project engineering and project management, in-house. In addition, we work with permanent and reliable partners, specialized steel companies for any desired specialization in round, parabolic, half-timbered, or IPE steel / cold-rolled profiles.

With this extensive network and our knowledge and expertise, we realize efficient structures at a high level. Our goal is to maximize the outcome of appearance and performance, routing, efficiency and durability.

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Knowledge Based Builder

Climate-proof, sustainable, biophilic and multifunctional

Do you want a climate-proof garden centre that is built sustainably and can be used multifunctionally? That can give the right indoor and outdoor sensation to your customers with as many natural elements as possible?

Look no further: we are the right party for you!

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Trade Shows

Where to meet

As an internationally operating family business that has realized publicly accessible glass constructions for more than half a century, we ensure that you can meet us at many trade fairs. Are you thinking of extending or refurbish your garden centre or even planning a new build, come and meet us. This will provide insight into the possibilities and the costs expected. Without obligation, of course. We will participate at the following fairs in the coming period:




Smiemans "all-in" greenhouse BV was founded in 1974 and changed to Smiemans Projecten BV in 1986.



In 1991 we moved to the former vegetable auction in Kwintsheul, a characteristic building with expansion possibilities.



Shortly thereafter, subsidiary Allicon Alluminium Lichtconstructies was established for curtain walls and skin facades



For the Keukenhof we built a pavilion with an arch construction, a concept that had never been shown before.



Portalume is established to develop aluminum doors and windows.



For the Floriade we realized the largest solar panel roof in the world in 2002.



In 2003 Jeroen took over the company Smiemans Projecten from his father Joop.



EdenParks was founded as the new brand for the more exclusive glass constructions.



In 2022, TC Projects was established to meet Dutch and Belgian customers' demand for turnkey projects.

For half a century your reliable partner for high-profile projects

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Rooftop glasshouse Agrotopia Roeselare EdenParks 18-09-2023

Another award for rooftop greenhouse Agrotopia, this time the BTTV

Once again Agrotopia has won a prestigious award. This time the first prize of the Benelux Trophy for Hot-dip Galvanisation in the Aesthetic Galvanisation category. Since its opening, the roof greenhouse has won several design awards, such as the WAF and the Belgian Construction Award.

Roof renovation 04-07-2023

Renovation garden centre Dvorak

In Czechia we have started with the renovation of garden centre Dvorak. The 1,400 m2 wide span structure was built by us in 2008. The roof, screens and ventilation windows will be replaced in order to better monitor and control the indoor climate in the garden centre.  This will result in further energy savings.

Plantorama Amager restaurant garden centre Smiemans 3 22-06-2023

Completion first phase Plantorama Amager

The first phase for Plantorama Amager, building the new restaurant, has been completed. Now we have to wait before we can start with the second phase: the construction of the 5,000 m2 garden centre. The old garden centre will be demolished to make way for the new, larger and more sustainable building. The restaurant will then be connected to this new garden centre.

Inside garden centre construction Gardheimar 03-04-2023

Progress new garden centre in Iceland

In Reykjavik the finishing touches are currently being made to close the construction wind- and watertight. 99% of the doors and window frames have been placed.

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