Your wishes are the beginning.

The result is a custom made botanical glasshouse with a perfect climate.

Where every detail counts!

For every botanical glasshouse the desired climate

Optimal climate management, minimum energy costs

By looking at the functions of the different zones in the glass building, you can coordinate the climate applications of those zones in groups and ideally. This way you optimize the performance of the greenhouse as a whole. The more delicate the ecosystem, the more precisely our modern technical installations perform:

  • installations for climate control, climate zones, air quality, irrigation, lighting;
  • installations focused on sustainable application of energy such as energy (recovery) installations, application of solar panels or wind energy;
  • the materials: such as glass with extra light entry or on the contrary, light-inhibiting and different types of films, sun-resistant and / or insulating fabric systems.

Ideal light conditions

Once you have defined the different functions of your glass building, we can translate them into climate zones. When coordinating those zones, it is also important to look at the light entry and lighting requirements. The visitor center for the World Expo in Milan requires more controlled light than a botanical garden with tropical plants.

Glass pavilion Expo Milan

Allround expertise en experience

As a specialist, we know how to deal with climate changes that cause problems such as a heat wave, strong wind or rainfall. The construction of a botanical garden in Kuwait is a good example; while there the mercury rises to as much as 50 degrees, we realized 3 climate zones there, including a European climate. In all cases you can count on our allround expertise and experience in the field of technology, flora and fauna.

Bayan Palace Amiri Botanical Garden 4

Total package of specializations

Our complete package has turned out to be very attractive for many clients, for example for the Royal Horticultural Society Garden Wisley and "The National Trust for Scotland" for our project at heritage garden Inverewe:

  • excellent, well-functioning glasshouses with minimum carbon footprints
  • down-to-earth approach and reasonable prices
  • stylish and exclusive designs
  • project management, consultancy and excellent service
  • experienced in soft & hard landscaping
botanical garden glasshouse Wisley

Would you like a glasshouse with different climate zones where you can grow a wide range of plants and flowers? Or a meeting room, butterfly garden or restaurant and tea garden? Our experts can help you answer all your questions.


A glass construction has many advantages:
functional, durable, technically advanced, affordable and beautiful to see!

Our most recent projects

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