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Ferry Breugem, sales manager

Knowlegde Based Builder

Build with detailed knowledge

With half a century of knowledge and experience and many high-profile projects as proof, it's time to spread the word! Building based on detailed knowledge is the distinctive feature of the various centres that we realize. This makes us a forerunner in Europe, one that knows optimally how innovations can be integrated into futureproof and tailor-made garden centres.

The construction of your future-proof garden centre is based on four pillars:

Kuwait 3

Climate-proof building

We know how we can respond to problems such as a heat wave or heavy rainfall. Optimal control of the grim climate requires the right technology. A botanical greenhouse with four climate zones in the desert of Kuwait is a good example of our expertise.


Bouw Ferencik breedkap


"Greenhouses" are very innovative buildings that have a minimal ecological footprint. Both in terms of materialization and construction process, greenhouses are enormously "green". There is virtually no waste during production and construction. After a long time, the buildings can be flexibly adapted, moved and are even recyclable. The example of circularity is our pavilion for the World Expo in Milan.


Luchtfoto Bomencentrum

Biophilic buildings

There is an increasing need for green around us. A glass construction has nature as its source of inspiration. In a glass construction there is 100% awareness of the natural processes. Our recent biophilic projects are Jardin d'Hiverre and Planon Innovation Campus.


WHC interior

Multifunctional building

Give your customers a reason to visit and attract them year-round. Everything is for sale online, distinguishing is important for repeat visits. We can advice you to create the right experience and help you achieve this by a proper renovation or extention. We build the right glass construction for every sector, from a zoo to a knowledge and innovation centre.

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