If you are also looking for a creative and affordable solution for an area where many people come - choose the fast construction, sustainability and efficiency of a greenhouse.

Huge possibilities

Many sectors see the advantages of glass constructions

To remain distinctive and to carry out repeat visits, nowadays more is needed than a perfectly built building. Everything is for sale online and your target group only comes if you have more added value than your competitors.

Customer experience

Garden centres in particular see the added value of entertainment; we increasingly realize garden centres with farm shops, play areas, restaurants, flower shops and even wellness.

The latest HTA figures show that more than half of specialized garden retailers have a restaurant available, compared to 40 percent in 2008. According to the figures from the Garden Center Association, catering accounts for nearly 20 percent of the members' turnover.

Realisatie tuincentrum breedkap Haantje

Multifunctional usage

A glass construction can be used for many purposes. Many clients know where to find us through our knowledge and work experience in the field of publicly accessible buildings. This makes Smiemans Projecten active in many sectors:

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Advantages of a glass building:

A glass building...

  1.  has the perfect value for money! The strong materials require almost no maintenance;
  2.  has a minimal ecological footprint; virtually no waste during production and construction, can be adjusted, moved and even recycled at all times;
  3.  has a tailor-made represtative and stylish design for you;
  4.  is the best place to stay; daylight has a positive influence on the health and well-being of people.
Advantages glass constructions Smiemans

Do you also want a multifunctional building?

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