Hortus Botanicus (NL)

Hortus Botanicus Leiden 04

Special winter garden in the heart of the centre of Leiden

Place Leiden, the Netherlands
Opening 2000
Design Architect Hubert-Jan Henket
Client Hortus Botanicus
Surface 800 m2, up to 12 meters high

Commisioned by The University of Leiden this greenhouse / conservatory named 'Hortus Academicus Lugduno Batavus' was built in the old city of Leiden and the botanical garden is visited by thousands of visitors each year.

Venlo construction as botanical garden for large plant collection

The winter garden is the home to several large plant collections: as carnivorous plants, potted plants and other rare plants. In addition, it houses large container plants which in summer are brought out. The winter garden has a small restaurant, a bookshop and ticket office, an educational space and sanitation. All these features are housed in a total volume of 800 m². In response to the wish of the Hortus to the interior 12 meters high structure was designed.