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Horti Science WUR entrance building 06-06-2024

Design reception building for WUR

Smiemans has been commissioned to work with the Bom Group (as main contractor) on the final design of the new reception building to be built for Wageningen University & Research (WUR) in Bleiswijk. Once this phase has been completed, the design will be implemented.


Opening climate proof garden centre Reyjavik 15-04-2024

Iceland's largest garden centre opened

Last Friday, Gardheimar's new garden centre was officially opened. With temperatures around freezing, it was warm inside in terms of atmosphere and temperature. We are grateful for the opportunity to build this beautiful building. Glad to see it all comes together, now it's up and running.

Refurbishment garden centre RHS Harlow Carr 05-03-2024

Refurbishment garden centre RHS Garden Harlow Carr

On behalf of the RHS, we recently renovated the garden centre we built in 2004. This greenhouse for selling plants is located in the beautiful botanical garden 'RHS Garden Harlow Carr' in Harrogate (UK). The renovation was carried out in early 2024 by our local partner Ebtech Glasshouse Systems Ltd.

Dakfoto Noordkade Veghel 01-02-2024

Realisation rooftop glasshouse for restaurant

A rooftop glasshouse will be built by us at the CHV Noordkade in Veghel (NL), a 1915 factory site that has become a vibrant centre for art, culture, food and leisure. This insulated structure will house a scenic restaurant. Completion is scheduled for early 2024.

Extend your season with Roll Air Retail3 09-01-2024

Integration of Roll-Air Retail in Turn-Key Projects

After a number of successful turnkey garden centres, Smiemans and Rovero are teaming up to offer even more complete innovative garden centre projects! With the Roll-Air Retail integrated, the season for outdoor sales is extended and space is optimised for plants, customers and staff.

Rooftop glasshouse Agrotopia Roeselare EdenParks 18-09-2023

Another award for rooftop greenhouse Agrotopia, this time the BTTV

Once again Agrotopia has won a prestigious award. This time the first prize of the Benelux Trophy for Hot-dip Galvanisation in the Aesthetic Galvanisation category. Since its opening, the roof greenhouse has won several design awards, such as the WAF and the Belgian Construction Award.

Roof renovation 04-07-2023

Renovation garden centre Dvorak

In Czechia we have started with the renovation of garden centre Dvorak. The 1,400 m2 wide span structure was built by us in 2008. The roof, screens and ventilation windows will be replaced in order to better monitor and control the indoor climate in the garden centre.  This will result in further energy savings.

Plantorama Amager restaurant garden centre Smiemans 3 22-06-2023

Completion first phase Plantorama Amager

The first phase for Plantorama Amager, building the new restaurant, has been completed. Now we have to wait before we can start with the second phase: the construction of the 5,000 m2 garden centre. The old garden centre will be demolished to make way for the new, larger and more sustainable building. The restaurant will then be connected to this new garden centre.

Inside garden centre construction Gardheimar 03-04-2023

Progress new garden centre in Iceland

In Reykjavik the finishing touches are currently being made to close the construction wind- and watertight. 99% of the doors and window frames have been placed.

Plantorama Amager restaurant new 2 12-01-2023

New restaurant & garden centre for Plantorama

The Danish chain Plantorama has once again commissioned us to rebuild the existing garden centre in Amager. First of all, a new restaurant is being built. After completion, the old garden centre will be demolished and the sustainable garden centre of 5,000 m2 will be realized.

garden centre UK renovation expansion 2 31-10-2022

Expansion Tenterden garden centre

In collaboration with our partner Ebtech Glasshouse Systems, we are realizing the expansion of the Tenterden garden centre of the GrovesWell garden centres chain. The new entrance and an extra glass construction for sales will be realized at the beginning of 2023.

Gardheimar special developed gutters 2 26-09-2022

Specially developed insulated wide rain gutters

These wide insulated rain gutters have been specially developed for the new garden centre Gardheimar. They have extra-large capacity to prevent nuisance during extreme rainfall or snow. Together with the extra thick sandwich panels, no less than 200 mm thick, this will ensure even better insulation and therefore an energy saving of more than 40%.

Gardheimar building garden centre Smiemans 24-08-2022

Construction progress of 7,250 m2 garden center in Iceland

In Iceland, a large part of the steel construction for the new garden center of Gardheimar is now in place. On a site of 20,000 m2, a total of the 7,250 m2 construction with a mezzanine floor will be built. The 1,100m2 warehouse has also been built.

Oplevering Natuur en gezondheidscentrum Maarssen 05-07-2022

Completion in sight for Nature and Health Center Maarssen (NL)

The wide span construction for Nature and Health Center in Maarssen has taken shape in a short period of time. The future-proof construction is heated and cooled without a gas connection. The materials used create an intimate, climate-proof complex in which sustainability is an important factor.

Abbings Buitenhof Nieuwbouw 14-06-2022

Congress IGCA of 2022 in the Netherlands

After two years of absence, entrepreneurs in the garden industry can finally meet again at the IGCA 2022 Congress in Amsterdam. Nearly 200 garden center owners have already registered to participate in the conference, which starts on Sunday 28 August and ends on Friday evening 2 September.

Collage Round Table Event 19-05-2022

Another successful Round Table Event, this time on location

The Round Table Event 2022 took place on Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 May. From 7 different countries, 12 major players from the garden center industry came together. Two full days of interaction, inspiring tours and entertainment. 

Gardheimar design garden centre Smiemans 03-05-2022

Work started for largest garden centre of Iceland

This year we will build a 7,250 m2 garden centre in Reykjavík. The international architectural firm PK Arkitektar has designed this mega project. The large shop windows, the green roof, the vertical wooden blinds and the architectural facade with continuous canopies give the garden centre the biophilic look that suits the company.

Cost Energy Europe 11-04-2022

Cut your energy costs with our expertise

All energy costs have risen to an all-time high in recent times and it will rise much more. While the world leaders are considering this energy crisis, we as a Knowledge Based Builder want to advise you on how best to make your glass construction energy-efficient or even energy-neutral.  chart Blog Energy Brainpool

Renovating Praxis Amersfoort 15-03-2022

Renovate for the future!

Renovating your building has many advantages, more comfort for your customers and employees, cheaper than moving and more energy efficient by using better insulating materials. A recent example of a renovation without closing the doors is that of Praxis Amersfoort.

2 Kipster 10-02-2022

Start construction revolutionary Kipster in US

Successful Kipster once again commissioned us to build other farms, this time in Indiana, America. In 2017, the first most animal-friendly and ecological farm for laying hens in the world was built in Venray. In 2019 in Beuningen. Now they are crossing the border, the first work has started.

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