Integration of Roll-Air Retail in Turn-Key Projects

Extend your season with Roll Air Retail3

We are proud to announce a strategic partnership with Rovero Systems, known for its groundbreaking patented Roll-Air Retail foil greenhouse. This collaboration enriches the range of complete turnkey projects in Europe and strengthens the position of both companies in the market.

Jeroen Smiemans: “In several projects that we have realised internationally, the Roll-Air Retail turned out to be a successful addition to their garden centres. That is why we are proud that through this exclusive collaboration we can offer Roll-Air Retail for garden centres in turnkey projects.” The innovative retractable roof construction has proven to be a valuable addition to garden centres as they extend the selling season by utilizing this controlled outdoor environment. This collaboration allows Smiemans to offer an even more extensive range.

Integration of Roll-Air Retail in Turn-Key Projects

Jacco van Delden (Rovero) is also very pleased with this move: “This strategic alliance enables both our companies to operate even more decisively and to offer even more complete turnkey projects, especially in Europe.”

Benefits of the Rovero Roll-Air Retail

Rovero's Roll-Air is the ideal solution for outdoor sales areas in garden centres. It provides optimum product protection, enhances the shopping experience, improves traffic flow and increases sales by extending the sales season for outdoor products. The unique retractable roof construction system can be fully opened or closed in less than a minute, providing a pleasant outdoor environment for customers, staff and plants.

Optimum shopping experience and range extension

With the Roll-Air Retail, garden centres can cover not only the cold sales area, but also the adjacent outdoor garden. This makes it possible to sell plants even in rainy weather, as it contributes to a comfortable and optimal shopping experience for the customer. It also improves the quality of the outdoor plants by reducing their exposure to changing outdoor conditions.

About Smiemans Projecten and Rovero Systems

Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, Smiemans Projecten has realised numerous glass structures in Europe and beyond, with a focus on garden centres, botanical gardens and other public projects. Subsidiary TC Projecten does this for the Netherlands. Rovero has been a supplier of foil tunnels, foil greenhouses, cabriolet greenhouses and fruit canopies for 55 years.