“The nature of the projects that we build and demands of our clients require an personal, individual approach. Every glasshouse is unique to us.”

Joop Smiemans, founder

How we work

From preliminary meeting to delivery

From a preliminary meeting, an overview of the costs to a turn-key delivery of a glasshouse… It is important for you to know what process you can expect:

The starting point is your interest in constructing a new glasshouse or our expertise.


During a preliminary meeting we discuss the main issues.


You will receive a quote, possibly followed by a draft design to be fine-tuned later.

Would you like a follow-up meeting? We will take the next step and discuss the project in more detail: with technical descriptions and a design brief. There is a small fee involved in the design and proposal we deliver then. If you decide to let us carry out the project within a year from now this fee will be deducted from the total project sum.


After you have commissioned us to carry out the project by signing our fee proposal, we will start developing and realising your glasshouse. The final design, planning process, budgeting, starting the application for permits.

We will put together a construction team with one member from your organisation. Regular, weekly meetings. After the final, turn-key delivery you will have a magnificent glasshouse.

You can count on our service and guarantee. Thanks to a servicing contract we will continue to inspect and maintain all the installations and your glasshouse every year.


Short lines of communication, tight and transparent planning and efficient working method

From the very first consultation to final hand over, you will have only one contactperson who will assist you the entire project. As your main contractor we will take care of everything. From foundation to the paving, from climate control to the complete construction. All this within the available budget.

With short lines of communication, tight and transparent planning, an efficient working method and the deployment of professionals you know exactly when you can turn the key for your customers.

Looking for an innovative glass construction?

Call on the expert for smart advice and innovative solutions!

  • Clear advice about innovations and possibilities
  • Guidance on all facets from start to finish
  • Always the latest technologies and systems
  • Insured for service and warranty

We will inform you about all possibilities: