Distinctive reception building for the WUR

Horti Science WUR entrance building glass

For Wageningen University & Research (WUR), we are finalising the design of the distinctive reception building that forms part of the high-tech research centre in Bleiswijk.


 Bleiswijk, NL




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reception building for the WUR high-tech research centre

The research centre will be built on a turnkey basis by the main contractor Bom Group. The total project covers an area of over 8,700 m² and was designed by Van Bergen Kolpa Architects from Rotterdam.

Versatile construction with glass entrance

The building, with a total area of 3,120m2, will feature multi-storey floors. It will be a multifunctional space, combining storage as well as meeting and work facilities. The building is characterised by a unique glass entrance that immediately gives visitors a sense of innovation and future orientation.

This glass entrance resembles that of the Agrotopia project, also designed by Van Bergen Kolpa Architects. This design team won many important design awards.

Entrance buiding WUR Horti Science

Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient

Sustainability plays a central role in this project. The complex will be equipped with solar panels and a heat pump with underground thermal storage, contributing to the environmentally friendly and energy-efficient operation of the research centre.

Inside entrance buiding WUR Horti Science

WUR's high-tech research centre

The start of construction of the high-tech research centre for WUR is planned for the end of this year. The first research projects in the new complex are expected to start in early 2026. This will allow Wageningen University & Research to conduct groundbreaking research using the latest materials and technologies.

Horti Science WUR building

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