Expansion garden centre LongAcres (UK)

LongAcres expansion garden centre Bagshot

Enlargement sales area and restaurant

Longacres, the largest independent garden centre in the UK will be expanded by us in early 2025. The work includes the expansion of both the garden centre's cold sales area and restaurant.

Improving sales opportunities and visitor experience

The cold sales area, which is an essential part of the garden centre, will be enlarged to accommodate a wider range of plants and garden products. This expansion will not only enhance sales opportunities, but also improve the visitor experience.

In addition, the garden centre's restaurant will be expanded. This expansion is designed to increase comfort and capacity, allowing visitors to enjoy a spacious and welcoming atmosphere. The upgraded restaurant will also offer more opportunities for events and gatherings, adding to the garden centre's overall appeal as a destination.

LongAcres expansion Smiemans 1

Expansion to increase comfort and capacity

The wide-span structure will be constructed with high-quality polycarbonate and insulating sandwich panels on the roof and insulating glass in the facades to increase comfort and capacity. Work is expected to be completed before the start of spring, with minimal disruption to the garden centre's daily operations.

Longacres Bagshot is the largest independent garden centre in the south of England and the flagship of the six Longacres branches. This garden centre covers a nine-acre site and was founded in 1979 by Peter and Mary Long.

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