Dorrepaal, Foundation Middin (NL)

glas kas constructie zorg

Education, gardening and sales in the glasshouse

Place Leidschendam-Voorburg, the Netherlands
Opening 2010
Surface 768 m2
breeding, education, recreation, sales, events

Venlo glasshouse for Buitengoed Dorrepaal

At Buitengoed (Country house) Dorrepaal on the Vliet in Leidschendam-Voorburg (Park Leeuwenbergh) we built a venlo glasshouse construction and garden shop that meets all modern requirements and wishes.

Developing talents in a care sector

Around fifty people with an intellectual disability, such as cashiers, gardeners, breeders or animal care workers, work in and around the health care fund. Everyone has the opportunity to develop talents: with plant cultivation in the greenhouse, help in the store or in the tea room.

"People with disabilities work at Dorrepaal, just like at the other workplaces on our property and in the villa. It is great for them to work inside with the feeling of being outside. They grow beautiful plants from seeds and cuttings and also ensure that the plants in the villa look good. " (source:

Glass constructions good for health

Because daylight, fresh air and working on green contribute positively to mental and physical health, the glass constructions from Smiemans are a pleasant and healthy environment for people who stay there for a long time.