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All energy costs have risen to an all-time high in recent times and it will rise much more. While the world leaders are considering this energy crisis, we as a Knowledge Based Builder want to advise you on how best to make your glass construction energy-efficient or even energy-neutral.

Optimal and energy-efficient climate control

There are many options for achieving the ideal indoor temperature in an energy-efficient way, for both new buildings and existing glass structures. Successful experiences have been gained in many projects with techniques such as heat and cold storage, heat pumps, solar panels and far-reaching insulating materials. In the event of overcapacity in your own energy supply, you can even supply power back to the grid!

Exclusive high-quality insulated profiles

Many people wrongly think that a glass construction is more difficult to keep at the right temperature than an ordinary building. Yet that is not true. Because our glass constructions are mainly used as publicly accessible buildings, higher requirements apply than for production greenhouses. Our exclusive high-quality insulated profiles with double glazing ensure extremely good insulation. In addition, as an expert we can provide you with good information about the integration of technical equipment in the building. We also provide the best principles for saving energy in the design. For example, for the new Plantorama garden centres we used asymmetrically sloping roof surfaces on the south side for PV panels and transparent PC panels on the north side for as much light transmission as possible.

Energy-neutral building

Our glass structures are optimally designed for all kinds of facilities, such as PV panels and insulating materials, which contribute to being energy efficient or even energy neutral. For example, the larger ground surface is ideal for ground drilling, which makes it possible to store heat and cold. The insulated shell is optimally equipped for heat control. A good example of this is VB's new energy-neutral headquarters, which has obtained a GPR certificate* with extremely high scores (between 7.9 and 8.8), making it one of the top in the Netherlands in terms of sustainability. Here too, our exclusive high-quality insulated profiles with double glazing ensure better insulation. Together with an optimally adjusted natural ventilation (air vent), the moving screen and heat recovery, an ideal indoor climate is created in an energy-efficient way.

Payback time of the energy-saving investment

The aim is of course to earn back your investment as quickly as possible. Due to the subsidies that are available for these investments and the level of energy prices, this time has been shortened considerably. In addition, our exclusive high-quality insulated profiles are so good compared to our competitors that the payback time is considerably shorter.
The costs for solar panels, LED lighting and other energy-saving materials have also become a lot cheaper in recent years, making this also more interesting.

Knowledge Based Builder

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* GPR stands for the Dutch Municipal Practice Guideline. It is a method of assessing the sustainability of a building on the basis of design choices made. Here you look at five themes: energy, environment, health, user quality and future value.

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