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Future-proof solutions to create an energy-efficient indoor climate

As a 'Knowledge Based Builder', we know how to respond to the problems of climate change, such as extreme heat from heavy rainfall. With 50 years of knowledge and many high-profile projects, we offer future-proof solutions from design to realization to create an energy-efficient indoor climate.

International experience from Kuwait to Iceland

Due to our international experience from Kuwait to Iceland, we can offer many possibilities to achieve the ideal indoor temperature in an energy-efficient way, for both new construction and existing glass constructions. Successful experiences have been achieved in many projects with techniques such as heat and cold storage, heat pumps, solar panels and far-reaching insulated materials.

Realization garden centre Iceland Gardheimar

Energy-efficient climate control

How to achieve the ideal indoor temperature in an energy-efficient manner

In order to properly inform our customers about all options, we have visualized this in the image below

Weather station - Measures the meteorogical data

Climate computer - Collects and converts the meteorological data Controlling (regulates) the optimal climate conditions automatically in the different areas

Outside shading - Reduces the solar radiation into the building

Insulating the building - Keep the temperature stable inside to save energy - it prevents the building from heating up or cooling down.

Heat reflective glass - Coating on glass to reflect the sunshine and keep the heat out of the building

Inner shading screen - Reducing or reflecting sun radiation into the building, reducing built-up heat and used as decoration cloth.

E-boiler - Boiler for back up heating

Fog system - For cooling The mist increases the humidity to cool the internal space

Heat pump - Heating or cooling installation

Storage of warmth and cold water - A method of storing produced energy in hot or cold water ground wells or on ground storage tanks.

Louvres - For air circulation into the building

Nivolair - Quick response heating in upper part of roof

Underfloor heating - Heating (or cooling) through floor that achieves indoor climate control for thermal comfort

Photovoltaic solar cells - Convert sunlight into electricity

Storage battery - Stores electricity for future use

Master your indoor climate energy-efficient

These solutions can be implemented during new construction, but older structures can also be adapted. Do you want to master the changing climate and create a comfortable indoor climate in an energy-efficient way? We are happy to help you during an informative conversation without any obligations.

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