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Ferry Breugem - sales manager

Custom made, effective and stylish design

Are you looking for a different model or shape? Then you have come to the right place!

We work together with renowned architects and can also design your glass construction exclusively from the drawing table. Our customers often opt for a customized design, developed on the basis of a basic shape using standard (structural) elements. This allows us to produce a transparent functional building that is both unique, affordable and quick to build.

Efficiency, convenience and reliability: Venlo Plus

We have developed the Venlo Plus construction as an budget-friendly and attractive alternative to our wide span and HighLight constructions, such as VB and Hortus Botanicus in Leiden. The system and technology are based on the traditional Venlo greenhouse, which has long been used in horticulture. The Venlo greenhouse is the most common type worldwide and is known for its efficiency, convenience and reliability.

Roeselare dakserre inagro

Tried and tested: wide span glasshouses

This design is marked by long clear spans, creating more efficient and economical retail space. The wide span system has proven itself as a reliable and robust modular system. It has the appearance of a typical greenhouse, with associations of plants, light and air. This design is also used in care facilities as well as exhibition pavilions.

Garden Centre 05b

The asymmetrical roof slope

With the asymmetrical roof slope we create two optimum slopes, one by using the long flatter slope roof pitch, preferably south-facing, to be highly insulated non translucent steel panels. Avoiding direct sunlight and heat built-up to enter the building on which then also a PV installations could be installed for maximum effectiveness. The North steeper roof pitch could then be used for transparent PC panels that provides the required diffuse natural daylight to enter the retail space in a comfortable way. Good examples are our projects for Plantorama and Hortes

Garden Centre 04

Elegant & round: HighLight

An increasing number of our clients are looking for a distinct and special look and feel. To serve their needs, we have developed the modular HighLight system with elegant, rounded shapes. The HighLight glasshouse has received international recognition for many years now. We have built several of these organic glasshouses some even with different climate zones inside of them… For example a botanical glasshouse at the Bodensee, but also in the desert of Kuwait.


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