Plantorama Amager (DK)

Smiemans Plantorama Amager restaurant

New restaurant and garden centre for Plantorama

In Amager, a suburb of Copenhagen, we are building a new restaurant and garden centre on the location of the old Plantorama garden centre.

  Phase 1

Phase 2

Place Amager, Denemarken


Purpose Restaurant

Garden centre

Surface 400 m2

5.000 m2

Planning 2022/2023


Type Wide span construction


Design NRE Denmark  

First of all, a new restaurant is being built between the existing buildings. After completion, the old garden centre will be demolished and the sustainable and larger garden centre of 5,000 m2 will be realized. Plantorama has a different vision and approach for this location. Extra attention is paid to the appearance and comfort for the customer.

Restaurant with Gothic Steel Structure

The new restaurant will be built between three existing buildings. A roof made of special double glazing with a heat-resistant coating will be placed on a coated steel construction. Through this roof, the surrounding buildings are involved in the restaurant. These barns fall under the protection of monuments and are carefully renovated. The steel construction of the restaurant has a Gothic look to it to give the whole a nicer atmosphere. By means of the right shading and bird netting, the ideal interior space is created for a pleasant lunch.

Expected opening will be spring 2023.

Plantorama Amager restaurant new

5,000 m2 garden centre

After completion of the restaurant, the existing garden centre will be demolished. During the construction of the new garden centre, sales will take place in temporary tents. The wide-span construction is not a steel, but a wooden laminated construction of sustainable certified wood. The appearance is beautiful and the fire safety is higher than steel. The laminated wooden construction also gives the garden centre the biophilic look that matches their range.

Aanzicht tuincentrum

Zero-energy building

Just like at the two locations in Tilst and Horsholm, which were also realized by us, solar panels will be installed on the roof to generate the required electricity. In addition to the LED lighting, this sustainable garden centre also has the extra wide rain gutters that they have developed to prevent nuisance during extreme rainfall. The rainwater stored in underground basins is reused for irrigating plants. In addition, extra attention is paid to the high insulation values ​​for the roof and facades in order to realize a zero-energy building.

design restaurant

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