Better care through our sustainable, healthy and affordable glass constructions

Why is a glasshouse an optimal activity location or daycare area?

In addition to the many positive effects of daylight on health and happiness, a glass environment is more economical,
'greener' and more flexible than traditional construction. Below we take a closer look at all the benefits:

10 benefits of a glass construction

  1. Building with glass is fast and economical compared to the costs of traditional construction - The production costs of glass and aluminum are low, building is fast.
  2. Daylight is healthy and has a healing effect. Various scientific studies have proven that daylight is very important for the human body and therefore for human functioning. Light influences the day/night rhythm - more than that: our biological clock - and thus all kinds of processes in our body. Daylight ensures that depression decreases and dementia is slowed down.
  3. Building with glass is custom work! Glass can be bent and cut to size. Each project can be realized entirely according to your wishes. By using industrially manufactured building components, we can take into account any changes in your building. In addition, the constructions are adjustable, so you can move it or use it in a different location.
  4. Daylight is free – this saves you energy costs;
  5. Glass projects are sustainable: the high-quality materials used for the construction of a glass building are produced with virtually no waste. In addition, the materials are reusable.
  6. Maintenance costs are low - Materials such as glass and aluminum require very little maintenance..
  7. Daylight is better than artificial light - Daylight has many advantages that cannot be matched by artificial light. Daylight provides a pleasant combination of direct and diffuse light and changes in intensity, strength, color and direction. This improves concentration and mood. Due to its association with the outdoors, daylight creates a calmer indoor climate and reduces stress;
  8. Climate proof construction The glass captures the solar energy and converts it into heat. With a little winter sun it is soon pleasant. We are happy to inform you about all future-proof solutions for an energy-efficient indoor climate;
  9. Hygienic – all materials used are surfaces that are easy to clean;
  10. Protected against the elements, but still the feeling of being outside - feeling of being outside through light and air (large ventilation openings), protected from wind and rain, shaded by internal or external screens. Thanks to the well-insulated shell, the indoor climate is easily controllable.

Biophilic glass constructions

Plants cannot live without daylight and flora also has a positive effect on the well-being of people and the climate.

A greenhouse construction is inspired by nature: in a glass construction there is 100% awareness of the natural processes! Read more about it here.


Bomencentrum glass construction

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