"Environmentally conscious entrepreneurship has several advantages, investment pays for itself"

Ferry Breugem, senior sales manager


As sellers of green, garden centres are the ambassadors for nature and therefore sustainability. There are many reasons for building sustainably. Environmentally conscious entrepreneurship is good, not only for the environment, but also for your image and for your wallet. You can earn back most adjustments.

Reasons to build sustainably:

  • Saving on operational costs, such as energy costs;
  • Subsidy schemes, such as the ISDE (investment subsidy for business users), the MIA (environmental investment deduction), SDA + (subsidy for solar panels) and the Energy Investment Deduction for the installation of LED lighting;
  • PR - good for the image of your brand / company.
Groene muur WHC

The options for sustainable construction and renovation:

  • Use insulated roof and wall cladding, such as:
    • well-insulated roof and facade panels (transparent and non-transparent);
    • green roofs such as sedum as insulation;
    • well-insulated aluminium profiles with an extremely high U-value.
  • Invest in special glass. The U-value of insulating glass is getting lower and therefore easier to keep the interior space at a constant temperature, such as:
    • Well insulated safety glass,
    • glass that can generate energy through a special coating;
    • Heat resistant glass - a coating gives you the feeling that you are walking in the shade, but when you look up, it is completely transparent. This keeps heat out, which also gives you a more pleasant climate in summer.
  • Water reuse systems using rainwater to water plants and / or to flush the toilets.

Sustainable investment in existing garden centre

There are also many options for making an existing garden centre more sustainable, such as:

  • LED lighting - more economical in energy consumption;
  • Climate screens control temperature, UV radiation, humidity to reduce energy costs;
  • Solar panels - to generate energy.

Or more economical cooling and heating:

  • HR boilers
  • heat pumps
  • heat and cold storage
Construction glass roof

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Gardheimar special developed gutters 2 26-09-2022

Specially developed insulated wide rain gutters

The wide insulated rain gutters have been developed and are now used at the new garden centre Gardheimar. They have extra-large capacity to prevent nuisance during extreme rainfall. Together with the extra thick (polycarbonate) sandwich panels, no less than 50 mm thick, this will ensure even better insulation and therefore an energy saving of more than 40%.

Gardheimar building garden centre Smiemans 24-08-2022

Construction progress of 7,250 m2 garden center in Iceland

In Iceland, a large part of the steel construction for the new garden center of Gardheimar is now in place. On a site of 20,000 m2, a total of the 7,250 m2 construction with a mezzanine floor will be built. The 1,100m2 warehouse has also been built.

Oplevering Natuur en gezondheidscentrum Maarssen 05-07-2022

Completion in sight for Nature and Health Center Maarssen (NL)

The wide span construction for Nature and Health Center in Maarssen has taken shape in a short period of time. The future-proof construction is heated and cooled without a gas connection. The materials used create an intimate, climate-proof complex in which sustainability is an important factor.

Abbings Buitenhof Nieuwbouw 14-06-2022

Congress IGCA of 2022 in the Netherlands

After two years of absence, entrepreneurs in the garden industry can finally meet again at the IGCA 2022 Congress in Amsterdam. Nearly 200 garden center owners have already registered to participate in the conference, which starts on Sunday 28 August and ends on Friday evening 2 September.

How can we help you in terms of sustainability?

As 'Knowledge Based Builder' we build:

  • Biophilic constructions
  • Multifunctional glasshouses
  • Climate proof constructions
  • Sustainable glasshouses


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