High-quality and innovative glass structures

Building with detailed know-how is the distinctive feature of the various centres that Smiemans Projecten realises. For half a century your reliable, flexible partner for building high-quality and innovative glass structures. Our family business owes its good name to the rich history of high-profile and functional buildings, such as the Floriade and the World EXPO.

Havecenter Plantorama Smiemans Tilst garden centre 6

Garden centre

For a completely new garden centre, a renovation or maintenance... you are at the right place. From design to construction, from installations to implementation.


berlingen Planzenhaus Landesgartenschau Gewachshaus

Botanical glasshouse

Custom made botanical glass constructions with a sophisticated climate and a range of flora. High-quality buildings, innovative & sustainable.


Vb glass construction atrium Smiemans

Special constructions

Innovative constructions for profit and non-profit sectors: from restaurant to zoo, from retail to the care. Where people like to stay and come back to.


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Part of Smiemans Projecten for 15 years - our brand for glasshouses that exceed your expectations...


Knowledge Based Builder

With half a century of knowledge and experience and many high-profile projects as proof, we are a forerunner in Europe, one that knows optimally how innovations can be integrated into futureproof and tailor-made glass constructions. Building with detailed knowledge is the distinctive feature of the various centers that we realize. Also for your project!

New developments, projects and innovations

Cost Energy Europe 10-01-2022

Cut your energy costs with our expertise

All energy costs have risen to an all-time high in recent times and it will rise much more. While the world leaders are considering this energy crisis, we as a Knowledge Based Builder want to advise you on how best to make your glass construction energy-efficient or even energy-neutral.  chart Blog Energy Brainpool

Overzicht3 30-11-2021

Renovation DIY store Praxis (NL)

At the beginning of 2022, we will renew the entire roof, the indoor screen installation and the facades of Praxis Amersfoort. An area of more than 5,000 m2 is being tackled in phases, so that the store does not have to close its doors to its customers.

Transformation Hageland Tronsholen Hagesenter Smiemans 24 18-10-2021

Metamorphose garden centre Tronsholen Hageland

For the garden centre of the well-known chain Hageland in Tronsholen we realized a completely new look. A new entrance has been build and all facades have been replaced.

Climate change 04-10-2021

Increasingly erratic climate requires an all-weather garden centre

The climate is changing. That also changes the playing field for anyone who has plans to build or adapt a garden centre. How to respond to periods of heat or cold, heavy rainfall or prolonged drought?