50 years of high quality and innovative glass structures

Building with detailed expert knowledge is the distinguishing feature of the various centres realised by Smiemans Projecten. Your reliable, flexible partner for building high-quality and innovative glass constructions for half a century. Our family business has a rich history of high-profile and functional buildings, such as the Keukenhof, Floriade and the World EXPO.

Entree Gardheimar

Garden centre

For a completely new garden centre, a renovation or maintenance... you are at the right place. From design to construction, from installations to implementation.


berlingen Planzenhaus Landesgartenschau Gewachshaus

Botanical glasshouse

Custom made botanical glass constructions with a sophisticated climate and a range of flora. High-quality buildings, innovative & sustainable.


VB Smiemans atria glass construction 5 1

Special constructions

Innovative constructions for profit and non-profit sectors: from restaurant to zoo, from retail to the care. Where people like to stay and come back to.


EdenParks diap


Part of Smiemans Projecten for 20 years - our brand for glasshouses that exceed your expectations...


Knowledge Based Builder

With half a century of knowledge and experience and many high-profile projects as proof, we are a forerunner in Europe, one that knows optimally how innovations can be integrated into futureproof and tailor-made glass constructions. Building with detailed knowledge is the distinctive feature of the various centers that we realize. Also for your project!

New developments, projects and innovations

Horti Science WUR entrance building 06-06-2024

Design reception building for WUR

Smiemans has been commissioned to work with the Bom Group (as main contractor) on the final design of the new reception building to be built for Wageningen University & Research (WUR) in Bleiswijk. Once this phase has been completed, the design will be implemented.


Opening climate proof garden centre Reyjavik 15-04-2024

Iceland's largest garden centre opened

Last Friday, Gardheimar's new garden centre was officially opened. With temperatures around freezing, it was warm inside in terms of atmosphere and temperature. We are grateful for the opportunity to build this beautiful building. Glad to see it all comes together, now it's up and running.

Refurbishment garden centre RHS Harlow Carr 05-03-2024

Refurbishment garden centre RHS Garden Harlow Carr

On behalf of the RHS, we recently renovated the garden centre we built in 2004. This greenhouse for selling plants is located in the beautiful botanical garden 'RHS Garden Harlow Carr' in Harrogate (UK). The renovation was carried out in early 2024 by our local partner Ebtech Glasshouse Systems Ltd.

Dakfoto Noordkade Veghel 01-02-2024

Realisation rooftop glasshouse for restaurant

A rooftop glasshouse will be built by us at the CHV Noordkade in Veghel (NL), a 1915 factory site that has become a vibrant centre for art, culture, food and leisure. This insulated structure will house a scenic restaurant. Completion is scheduled for early 2024.