Renovate for the future!

Renovating Praxis Amersfoort

Renovating your building has many advantages, more comfort for your customers and employees, cheaper than moving and more energy efficient by using better insulating materials. A recent example of a renovation without closing the doors is that of Praxis Amersfoort.

Completely renovated without closing the doors

The 30-year-old garden center of the Van Hage chain in Great Amwell was also completely renovated without closing its doors. More than 3,000 m2 of new roof with ventilation windows was renewed. In addition, the entire screening installation was replaced and a computer system was installed to optimize the indoor climate. This system controls ventilation, sun protection and heating.

Payback time drastically reduced due to high energy costs

In addition, the payback times of such investments have been drastically reduced as a result of rising energy costs. In some cases up to 1/3 of the payback period compared to the situation 12 months ago. Thanks to such an energetic renovation, your building also meets the energy requirements of the future. Good for your wallet, customer comfort and the climate challenge.

In the article “Reduce your energy costs” in our blog you can read more about the possibilities of making glass constructions energy efficient or even energy neutral.