Service, maintenance and guarantees

After completion you can of course count on an extensive service and long-term guarantee ... one phone call is enough. Do you want to be assured of the longest possible lifespan of your greenhouse and installations?  A service contract with annual inspections and (preventive) maintenance offers a solution. Our experienced and expert technicians come at a time that suits you. We keep the service agenda, you don't have to worry about it.

Maintenance works

Make sure that you can always open your doors!

Preventive and proper maintenance, especially of moving parts, continues the useful life and keeps installations intact for longer. Checking, cleaning, adjusting, greasing or replacing is always important with:

  • Ventilation mechanisms
  • Screen and air motors
  • Condensation gutters
  • Climate and energy installations
Onderhoud Beo

Periodic maintenance works!

The majority of our customers make intensive use of our constructions. Periodic maintenance is therefore required, particularly for the 'moving parts' (air vents, screen installation, automatic doors, etc.). It can extend the useful life and prevent malfunctions. Cleaning the roof and solving blockages in the gutter also prevents many problems.

Smiemans offers flexible maintenance contracts for this work: often once a year, at a time that suits the customer. Periodic maintenance works!

Maintenance at Keukenhof

Do you want to extend the life of your glass construction?

Your glass construction will look as new!


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