Exclusive partnership with Rovero:

In several projects we have completed internationally, the Roll-Air Retail proved to be a successful addition to their garden centres. Therefore, we are proud to be able to offer the Roll-Air Retail for garden centres in turnkey projects through this exclusive partnership.

Roll-Air Retail

The flagship of the portfolio of Rovero Systems is the Roll-Air retail. This open roof construction from Rovero Systems has proven to be the ideal solution for garden centres in several projects we have completed internationally. It provides optimum plant protection, enhances the outside shopping experience and increases sales by extending the selling season for outdoor products.

Garden centres love the flexibility of indoor and outdoor experiences. Whenever the weather permits, the roof can be opened to provide an outdoor experience. If necessary and without hassle, it can provide shelter from rain, hail and cold.

Jacco van Delden, Managing Director Rovero Systems B.V.

Quickly adapt to changing weather

With the introduction of the 'Roll-Air Retail' system, customers now have the option of selecting plants even in rainy weather. It also helps to improve the quality of the outdoor plants as they are less exposed to changing outdoor conditions.

To create an optimal shopping experience in your garden centre and extend your season, it is possible to use the "Roll-Air Retail" roof construction to cover not only the cold sales area, but also the adjacent outdoor garden.

More information about Rovero: https://rovero.com/roll-air-retail

Rovero Open Roof Roll Air site

The benefits of the Roll-Air Retail:

  1.    Outdoor sales not dependent on weather conditions
  2.    Customers spend more time in the garden centre
  3.    Better working conditions for staff
  4.    Higher quality plants, less wastage
  5.    Outdoor sales area as an integral part of the overall flow of customers
  6.    Completely balanced outdoor environment
  7.    Ideal location for Christmas tree sales
  8.    Increases outdoor sales by up to 30%.
Tuincentrum Abbings Buitenhof

Proven concept

At Plantorama in Denmark two major garden centres covered the majority of their outdoor garden with the Roll-Air Retail. The design features a solid glass façade surrounding this structure. Combining fixed façade with Roll-Air Retail gives you the best of both worlds. As well as a beautiful integrated look, the outdoor sales area is an integral part of the overall flow of customers. It has proven to be the flexible, indoor & outdoor sales space to extend customers' length of stay, increase their shopping pleasure and can boost sales year-round.

Design Plantorama Tilst have garden center site

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