Care institution Zuidwester (NL)

Kas zorg venlo.Zuidwester

Location Middelharnis, the Netherlands
Construction 2013
Surface 780 m2
Architecture Smiemans Projecten
Design Venlo Plus
Glass grow room of 520 m2, gardening, education, day care

Venlo construction as a daily spending area

The building is a light greenhouse construction of 780 m². A part of the building is dedicated to cultivation, there is light and air. People work with green in an educational manner. The harvest can even be sold.

In another part of the glasshouse a classroom is situated, where it feels like outside. Furthermore, there is room for meeting areas, facilities such as offices, canteen, toilets and installations.

Design with various spaces

In the design, a part of this greenhouse is arranged as a classroom, where it looks like people are sitting outside. The remaining part has room for meetings and there are a number of facility areas such as canteens, offices, toilets and the technical area.

looking for an affordable and healthy building?

Advantages of a glass construction for care:

  • A glass construction is sustainable and affordable;
  • Daylight is healthy, the outside feeling, but then inside;
  • The glass construction can be realized quickly and has low maintenance costs;
  • The glasshouse is easily adaptable and can even be placed at a different location.

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