Klok en Peel museum (NL)

Beiaardmuseum 03

Orangery in Museum Klok and Peel

Place Asten, the Netherlands
Construction 2011
Surface 240 m2
Occasion Renovation and expansion
Type HighLight
Use 'Orangery' in the museum garden for events, exhibitions and meetings

The rounded shapes of the HighLight-construction suit the elegant, romantic looking reception area in the orangery. It is a stylish decor for events, expositions and meetings.

Our former Queen Beatrix opened the round shaped orangery

This museum was formally known as the National Carillon and Nature Museum and is famous for its antique carillons in all shapes and sizes, with even a replica of a thousand years old Arabic piece. For this museum we built a stylish and inviting Orangery in the garden.

Asten in The Netherlands is – also internationally - well-known for its bell-foundry, The Royal Eijsbouts - de Koninklijke Eijsbouts. The company has a solid reputation throughout Europe and far beyond; even in Japan you find huge bells from Royal Eijsbouts. See: http://www.museumasten.nl/.