Hageland Tau (NO)

Garden centre Hageland Tau construction

New garden centre for well-known Norwegian Hageland


 Tau, Norway




 Smiemans Projecten


 widespan construction and the flat utility building


 1,104 m²


 garden centre

For Hageland, a well-known Norwegian chain that consists of more than 100 garden centres, Smiemans Projecten is realizing a new garden centre in Tau. This special building with an internal sales area of more than 1,100 m² will be used multifunctionally.

Optimum green experience that suits the garden centre

The wide-span construction and the flat utility building are adapted to Norwegian conditions with good insulation and maximum transparency. Both aspects are optimally combined in this unique design. The building with the flat roof will include a warehouse and office. In the glass construction, the customer receives the optimum green experience that suits the garden centre through a perfected routing. A wooden portal frame around the glazed front entrance will be created to highlight the entrance and welcome the plant lovers.

Hageland Tau 2

Construction garden centre

Construction started in October 2021. After the foundation we are building the steel construction for the wide span in December. The garden centre is expected to open its doors to their customers in the spring of 2022.

In October 2021, we also realized the transformation of the existing garden centre in Tronsholen for Hageland. With a new biophilic look that strengthens the connection with nature, the garden centre is ready for the future again.

Hageland Tau

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