Three festive openings

Squires Entrance

Of the three projects, two are in England and one in Denmark. A new garden center with an area of ​​4,800 m2 has been built for the Danish chain Billig Blomst in the city of Aalborg. Of the two projects in England, one is the new restaurant of Groves Nurseries in Bridgeport. The other project is the new construction and renovation of the existing Squire’s Garden Center in Woking.

At Squire’s Garden Centre, the HighLight arc greenhouse provides extra sales space and the Venlo roof ensures that customers can buy the outdoor plants even in bad weather. In addition, there is a new spacious entrance and most doors have been replaced. This gives the garden center a total metamorphosis.

The Venlo glass construction of the new garden center Billig Blomst has a spacious entrance (type wide roof). There is a wide passage between the cold and the warm part of the garden center. In this large passage there is an office, canteen and kitchen for the staff. Customers can find a flower shop, café and farm shop there. Such a farm shop is currently very populair in garden centers.

Like many garden centers in England, they wanted a restaurant at Groves Nurseries. This wish came true with a beautiful HighLight arc glasshouse. In three different rooms there is room for 300 guests. That way they can keep their customers with them for longer and better.