Billig Blomst (DK)

Wide span Billig Blomst development

Spacious wide span as entrance for new garden centre

Place Denmark
Realisation 2017/2018
Design EdenParks, Design & Advice 
Surface 4,800 m2
Type Venlo and wide span

Smiemans Projecten builds garden centre for the chain Billig Blomst in the city of Aalborg, Denmark. 

The Venlo type garden centre will get a wide span entrance. This corridor is also the wide passage between the cold and the warm part of the garden centre. In this large passage customers will find a flower shop, a café and a farm shop. There will also be room for an office, canteen and kitchen. This farm shop is a popular trend for garden centres.

A broader range of products to attract more customers

In addition to some experience, farm shops usually offer local products. This gives the customer confidence in what they buy. Regional products are more fresh and environmentally friendly, because no intermediation and transportation is required. And by offering a broader range of products, the new Billig Blomst garden centre will sell more than just plants and therefore will be the ideal place for shopping.

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