Successful completion for The Pavilion (IE)

Pavilion glass construction garden centre 1

Almost completely renovated garden centre

In September the expansion of the successful garden centre The Pavilion will open its doors. Owner of the Pavilion in Cork Charlie O’Leary said: “Despite the circumstances around COVID-19, Smiemans managed to realise this major expansion on time and to the high quality specification that was expected.”

On the site of the old greenhouse now 1,500 m2 of glass construction of the Venlo type (SP Small Span) has been built. As a result, the garden centre has been almost completely renovated.

The greenhouse has a column height of 4 meters and is equipped with maximum ventilation. As a result, sufficient volume has been created indoors and the maximum permitted construction height has also been met. Good ventilation has always been very important, especially now under the current circumstances. The result is a bigger and beautiful garden centre.