Completion in sight nominated glasshouse at botanical garden Flora

Glass construction botanical garden Flora

Last work at the special 3,000m2 project in the famous botanical garden in Cologne. Most of the glass has been placed in the ultra-modern glass roof of this progressive project. So special that it has a chance to win the price for the BTTV 2021 of Zinkinfo Benelux.

As much glass as possible, more than 4,500 m2 insulating glass, was used in the design by Architect Königs. Due to the minimal use of steel, this lightweight construction allows as much daylight as possible for the special exotic plants in the greenhouse. In the botanical greenhouse, a tropical climate and a desert climate are simulated.

The three arches together form a U-shape, the highest arch has a height of 17 meters. To optimally use this height there will be a walkway, so that visitors can admire the tropical plants from above. In addition to the glass construction, we are building an orangery that is connected with an awning. In this way, visitors can also comfortably walk to the other greenhouse in bad weather.

In October 2020, Zinkinfo Benelux gave the starting shot for the ‘Benelux Trophy for Hot Dip Galvanizing 2021’. This project is participating in the category ‘Functional Galvanizing’ because a tropical rainforest climate is simulated in most of the botanical garden and the humidity is very high. For this, the steel construction must be well protected against corrosion.

On April 30, 2021, all nominees will be able to present their project to the jury via a pitch, after which the winners will be chosen per category.