Botanical glasshouse Smiemans in development plan Fleetwood, UK

Fleetwood Quays

Smiemans Projecten is involved in a major redevelopment project for an old port in Fleetwood, west of England. Wyre dock development LTD is an investment company that has been asked by ABP, the owner of the port, to write a redevelopment plan. The goal is to transform this historic waterfront site still utilised by Fleetwood fish trading firms into a vibrant area where people can live, work, shop and recreate. This will benefit the town of Fleetwood.

The plan includes four outstanding visitor attractions, hotel with themed restaurant and residential elements. One of the visitor attractions is a major botanic year round attraction which highlights the diversity of flora in different regions of China. EdenParks, part of Smiemans Projecten, is approached for the design and construction of this botanical garden