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Dilemma: new construction or renovation?

The choice between new build and renovation depends on several factors, including budget, space availability, regulations and the specific needs and objectives of the garden centre. A thorough analysis and consideration of these factors is essential to make the right decision. The considerations are listed below:

Benefits New build

  1. Sustainability and energy efficiency:
    Future-proof building materials and energy-efficient technologies result in lower running costs, reduced environmental impact and a comfortable indoor environment for customers and facilities;
  2. Adapting to new standards and trends:
    Safety and environmental regulations are becoming increasingly important for you, your staff and your customers. New construction will result in improved conditions for employees, customers and plants.
  3. Achieve optimum layout and functionality:
    Taking into account customer requirements (logistics/route/assortment), we create an attractive and efficient shopping environment at the design stage. Future changes and market trends are also taken into account;
  4. All of the above will lead to a better reputation and image; the new garden centre will give your customers (and possibly new target groups) an improved appearance, lower costs and more prestige.
New build garden centre

Benefits Renovation

  1. Cost saving: In general, renovation is often less expensive than new construction. Retrofitting an existing building can be significantly cheaper than building from scratch.
  2. Preservation of historical or cultural value: If the current building has historical or cultural value, renovation may be the best option to preserve this heritage.
  3. Faster realisation: Refurbishment projects can often be completed more quickly than new build projects, as they do not have to go through the full approval process.
  4. Adaptation to existing technical installations: Refurbishment makes it possible to adapt existing technical installations to new needs without having to build everything from scratch.
  5. Preservation of the site and customer loyalty: Refurbishment allows you to stay in the same location, which can be important for maintaining an existing customer base and reputation.
Dvorak renovation garden centre 10

Make the right decision

It is important to note that the decision to renovate or build will depend on several factors, including the condition of the existing building, budgetary considerations, regulations and the specific objectives of the garden centre. A thorough analysis and consideration of these factors is essential to make the right decision.


Garden Centre 04

General information

  1. Regulations and Permits - Renovations, extensions and new construction are all subjects to strict local and international regulations. These items vary from country to country.

  2. Cost - the costs and benefits are difficult to compare. The investment will be higher with a new build, but the maintenance costs will be lower and these costs will be recouped sooner. Think energy savings, more customers, more sales.

  3. Condition of the existing building - When renovating an existing building, only the most urgent parts in need of replacement are usually addressed. However, new refurbishment needs soon arise. This can become a perpetual cycle. With new construction, all aspects are thoroughly addressed, resulting in a longer period without the need for renovation or repair.

  4. Specific objectives Garden centre - in renovations, objectives are often adapted to the capabilities (size, location, layout) of the building. In a new build, the objectives can be determined by the layout, size and location of the building. This is a better starting point.

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