Oplevering eerste fase Plantorama Amager

Plantorama Amager restaurant garden centre Smiemans 3

The first phase for Plantorama Amager, building the new restaurant, has been completed. Now we have to wait before we can start with the second phase: the construction of the 5,000 m2 garden centre. The old garden centre will be demolished to make way for the new, larger and more sustainable building. The restaurant will then be connected to this new garden centre.

The restaurant has a special double-glazed roof with a heat-resistant coating placed on a coated steel structure. This roof integrates the surrounding buildings with the restaurant. These barns are under monumental heritage protection and have been carefully renovated. The steel structure of the restaurant has a gothic look to give it a more beautiful atmosphere. The right schading and bird netting create the ideal interior for a pleasant lunch.