Exhibition glasshouse Museum 'Huis Doorn' (NL)

expositieruimte huis doorn

Exhibition space in remembrance of the First World War 

Place Doorn, NL
Construction 2014
Surface 198 m2
Architecture Edenparks
Type Widespan
Purpose exposition space

With the transformation of this manorial estate Huis Doorn to a museum of remembance for ‘The Netherlands and the First World War’, we designed and built a stylish glasshouse for the exhitibion of memorabilia. There is also room for the car of the last German Emperor, who lived in the house in exile after the war from 1920 till 1941.

As we were responsible for the design and the construction, we found inspiration in form, volume and style in the existing garage and the mausoleum of the emperor.

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